Neta's Feet

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Hi guys!

My name is Neta, I was born in May 1984 and I am a student now - I am going to be an accountant. I left my parents' house and I live in a large city now with my roommates. I go out on weekends to clubs where I love to dance. Once in a while I work as a hostess in restaurants. I like travelling and generally I'm a fun person :-)

I have been told many times that my feet are pretty but I only realized that after my photos were published and female feet lovers started to email me every day ;-) I have long smooth legs, a tight butt, a tiny waist and small, firm breasts. My foot size is 40 EU. I started this site because I enjoy showing myself to the public. I will show mainly my feet in this website... I heard that my soles are really hot and they have lots of wrinkles on them which seems to be a true turn on for some of you :-) I also like to expose my legs and I think they look really good - I like wearing pantyhose, stockings and very short skirts. I also like wearing tight jeans. When having photo sessions, I really like licking my feet. At first I didn't know what this was all about but when I found out that it turns you on... Well, I love it now! I don't have a boyfriend but I like getting a foot massage. I really get turned on when someone licks my feet and sucks my toes. But it doesn't happen very often unfortunately... Sometimes, when I am home alone I enjoy licking my own feet. It might sound odd but it really turns me on, especially when I can lick some whipped cream off my feet. I hope you will enjoy my site so please join now to see photos and videos of me and my feet!



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